Perfectly works with Amazon Alexa/ Google Home / Google Nest / IFTTT

Why Mango Software?


Agile App development platform

Finish prototype demo and design within 1 week


One App control all intelligent devices

Finish prototype demo and design within 1 week


Complete full software solution

Finish development with 30 days with the help of international expert resources and IoT platform


Easily view all kinds of device statistics, including new devices statistics, active data and geographical distribution.

Connect Product
Get products connected online, provide complete develop documents and effective debugging tool

Device Management
Product’s basic information, function points configuration and publishing to App market.

Statistics & Analysis
After original data is collected and analyzed, company could view statistics by multiple dimensions such as device, cycle and region.

Data Collection
Data is collected in real time such as new devices, active devices and other operate data such as temperature, TDS, power consumption and etc.

App Management
Only need to upload company information to generate client’s branded App

Message Push
New function notification and send push notification to users if any abnormal situation occursl

Remote Debug
Collect device failure information, quickly find out issues and support firmware upgrade online

User Feedback
Directly view users’ feedback and solve their issues on dashboard


Device Status & Failure Information
Graphical information. Improve products based on collected failure information

After-sales Service
Provide effective feedback tool and communicate with users directly


Facial recognition

MangoSiS uses its strong cloud computing capability and computer visual technology, to calculate and form up sequence from objects, images and scenes, such as the detection of human face or object’s edge texture.

Machine learning capability

Through big data analysis, devices are capable of GEO location and environment sensing features.

Voice recognition capability

MangoSiS own developed semantic analysis engine could precisely recognize and process the most voice commands. MangoSiS currently works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.


MangoSiS adopts data isolation architecture, so that your data is completely and confidentially isolated in the cloud. Besides, enclosed military-grade protection is deployed both on device and cloud to fully ensure your data security.

Military grade encryption

Military grade AES data encryption. Even if your device gets stolen, it can not be decrypted.

Authorization & authentication

We use a strong symmetric encryption algorithm to encrypt the data, such as data isolation, connection authentication and request authorization.

Dynamic key

Dynamic key allocation. Safety is also ensured even if algorithm is exposed.

Https encrypted channel

Https encrypted channel, ensure the safety of network transmission.

Virtual device

Instantly recoverable even after hacker attack.

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